SoapBox Derby 2022

Sunday 29th May (1-5pm)

We are ready to unleash 24 SoapBoxes onto the Andover community.  Starting from our the Postal Coded Push Off ramp the karts will plummet at approximately 25mph towards our first obstacle, The Winchester Water Drop, a jump to launch them into the air and test their aerodynamics!  From there they hit the Candy Shaker, a series of bumps and lumps to disorientate the driver and test the rigidity of the karts.  Then they will fly into the Sparkles Chicane, a challenging set of twists and turns to ensure the steering is up to standard before whizzing into Community Corner, a sharp bend that takes them to the finish line and chequered flag!

Andover Mind

Attending SoapBox is free of charge, in fact, we want as many people as possible to attend .  The whole day is dedicated to raising as much money as possible for the local charity Andover Mind,  On the day we will be making collections and have QR codes that can direct you straight to our JustGiving Page to donate in appreciation for the afternoon.  Please bring coins for the buckets or donate online to help us make a difference.

As well as the excitement of the racing we also have a dedicated area we are calling Retail Alley.  here ups will find a wealth of market stalls offering homemade trinkets. Just a short walk from where the action is taking place, why not stretch your legs and treat yourselves 

Mixed amongst these stalls we also have some caterers offering you some tempting treats.  Including Pizza, Hot Dogs, Churros, Cakes and Slushies there is sure to be something to stop them tummies rumbling.  If you make the walk up to the pits to see the teams and there karts then you will also be welcomed by the Coffee Cart, fuelling our competitors with caffeine through the afternoon.